Welcome to Mecitoglu Homes - Advantage Club!

We thank you for choosing Mecitoglu Homes and to show our appreciation; we are pleased to introduce our Advantage Club Card.

Your membership gives you access to valuable benefits in and around Side and Manavgat at selected retail outlets displaying Advantage Club stickers in their windows. The discounts vary from 5% to as much as 25%!

Each new property owner will receive two cards. One is for personal use and the other to stay in your property for your rental guests. A booklet will also be supplied listing the various retailers participating in the program. There is an extensive choice including leather, jewellery, restaurants, bars and even dental treatment. Click on the Google Map showing the location of all participating retailers.

Advantage Club Retailers in Google Maps

The Advantage Club Card is sure to benefit rental potential as well as your own enjoyment of Side and the surrounding areas.

We hope you enjoy these new privileges and look forward to seeing you in Side again very soon.

Advantage Club Card Brochure